If you’re anything like us, buying a new duvet set is one of life’s little pleasures and browsing through the plethora of options can make you feel like a child in a sweet shop. With so many designs, fabrics and embellishments on offer the choice can sometimes be overwhelming, however the information below should allow you to make an informed choice that will suit your needs. Your bed plays the starring role in your bedroom and deserves only the best.

Duvet Set Sizing

Duvet Sets come in four standard sizes, Single, Double, King Size and Superking Size. All of our duvet sets are available in the first three sizes and we stock a wide range of sets that are also available in Superking. Always remember, the size of the duvet cover you require will depend on the size of the duvet you use on your bed. Some people may have a double bed but use a King Size duvet so ensure you measure your duvet first if you are unsure what size you have.

All of our duvet sets include two matching pillowcases apart from a single which includes one. We do not sell matching pillowcases separately however we do sell a range of plain coloured pillowcases designed to complement the duvet sets we stock. Please see below for sizing.

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The majority of our duvet sets are polycotton blends. This means they are made up of a mixture of cotton and polyester. The proportions of each material can vary between sets so it is always advisable to read the product description, especially if you are looking for a specific composition.

Being a mixture of both cotton and polyester offers two distinct advantages. The cotton count gives the duvet set a softer feel and allows your skin to breathe whilst the polyester component ensures the set is easycare, requiring less ironing after washes.


We offer a number of duvet sets in Flannelette, especially during our Autumn/Winter season due to the material's cosy nature. Flannelette is 100% brushed cotton which means a metal brushing process has been applied during the manufacturing process to raise the cotton fibres creating a softer, fuller fabric.



We stock a wide range of printed duvet sets featuring a variety of colours and patterns. Printed duvet covers can be created by screen printing directly onto the fabric using plain dye. In this method, stencils are created with block outs so that when the ink is applied to the fabric it only dyes specific areas in order to create the design. Some duvets are digitally printed in much the same way your computer printer works at home. This method is particularly useful to apply photographic images to textiles.


Our quilted duvet covers consist of quilted panels that contain layers of wadding designed to give the cover depth and texture. Wadding is placed between the two layers of fabric which have been sewn together, padding the section out and creating and additional design feature to the product that creates a fuller look for your bed.


Appliqué is a type of ornamental needlework whereby pieces of fabric are sewn onto a larger piece of fabric to create a design or pattern, resulting in stunning textured embellishments .


Embroidery is the process of decorating fabric using needle work and thread to create a pattern or design. This can be done using plain coloured thread however additional options are available such as sequin embroidery or the use of more diverse yarns including metallic thread. The process adds an additional design element in terms of texture that printing cannot achieve.


Jacquard weaves are created on a special loom, resulting in a much thicker, textured weave. The process raises specific threads during the weaving process resulting in a more substantial weave. Patterns and designs can be woven-in during the process resulting in beautiful woven textiles in a variety of materials.


This is the process of applying a puckered effect to a fabric through either chemical treatment or through the process of holding specific threads under high tensions to enable them to crinkle. Usually available in stripes or checks, the seersucker applications adds a tactile design element to the fabric.


We offer a selection of duvet sets which contain linen embellishments, usually in the form of a panel. Linen is a natural material woven from the fibres of the flax plant. It dates back as one of the oldest textiles in the world. Not only does linen provide an alternate texture giving a more natural, rustic look, it is also extremely breathable during warm weather.

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