Getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis can be life changing. This may seem like a bold statement but the correct amount of uninterrupted sleep each night reduces stress and increases productivity in both our working and personal lives. Too many people suffer restless, uncomfortable nights thinking there is no help at hand however this is not the case. With so many choices, it can be extremely confusing as to which product will suit your needs best and enable you to get the perfect night’s sleep. The information below is designed to make things a little clearer and help you choose the right product for you.

Tog Ratings

Choosing the right duvet can be extremely confusing however the first decision you will need to make is which tog rating you wish to purchase. All duvets are rated for their ability to insulate and work on a scale from lightweight summer duvets to heavyweight winter warmers. Many people change their duvets throughout the year to reflect the seasonal temperature however many will simply choose an intermediate rating that is suitable for all year round.

When deciding on a tog rating you should take some time to consider the time of year, how warm you normally are when you sleep and even the average temperature of your home. Another option is to purchase an All Seasons Duvet which contains two duvets of differing togs that can be used on their own in the warmer months and then joined together during winter.

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Duvet Fillings

Once you have decided on a suitable tog rating, it’s important to consider what type of filling you want your duvet to have. Although there are various options in terms of material composition, all duvets fall into one of two categories, Natural or Synthetic. Although the choice is often just a matter of personal taste or budget, each have their own qualities which need to be considered before making a purchase.

Synthetic duvets most commonly use a mixture of polyester, cotton and microfibre. They are ideal for allergy sufferers as they are non-allergenic and ideal for children who could become allergic to natural products. They have a lighter feel than naturally filled duvets and are easier to care for, with the ability to withstand washing on a more regular basis.

Natural duvets usually consist of feather or down or a combination of both. Feathers have a natural ability to retain heat which means naturally filled duvets can be much thinner than synthetic ones, whilst still matching their insulating capacity. They are generally warmer yet allow your skin to breath due to the exclusion of synthetic materials. They are generally not suitable for allergy suffers.

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Duvet Care

Both Synthetic and Natural Duvets are machine washable. It's important to remember that natural duvets cannot be dry cleaned due to the use of chemicals which will damage the feather. Always ensure you air your duvet out thoroughly before returning it to you bed and take special care with heavier weight duvets.

It is advisable to always check the care instructions on your duvet before cleaning. Details of these can also be found in the product description on our website.